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LeRoy Neiman

The All American

Opening March 12, 2014

Please RSVP with your International Art Consultant for the opening night reception.













January 16 - February 26, 2014

American Fine Art is privileged to present our clients with a spectacular collection of original works by American POP art master, Andy Warhol, and the Contemporary Japanese POP icon Takashi Murakami. 

For information about the opening night reception, or to set-up a preview of the exhibit please contact your International Art Consultant at 480.990.1200 or 800.466.8276.

This exhibit will feature original paintings, unique proofs, one-of-a-kind and limited edition screenprints, and lithographs of some of the most iconic images these two masters have created.  Both artists achieving a major following during their lifetime this exhibit provides an opportunity to not only see the influences and ideas they have introduced to the world of fine art, but also an opportunity to own an original Warhol or Murakami work of art. 

Highlighted works in the exhibit include Warhol's Chanel, Superman, Mickey, and Witch;

as well as Murakami's creation DOB and quintessential Flowers.

Theo Tobiasse



In honor of the life and work of  Theo Tobiasse (1927-2012) American Fine Art will be hosting an expansive life-long collection by the master painter for exhibit and sale.  Theo Tobiasse: Master Retrospective will feature some of Tobiasse’s most celebrated compositions for sale and on display. 

Tobiasse’s art is a product of intellect, submerged memories and laborious experimentation with various media. As Chagall and Picasso did before him, Tobiasse looks deeper into his work, seeking to express the inner world of man. Surrealism taught him to be experimental, to juxtapose pictorial elements in order to redefine them. He welcomes the new freedom of the 20th Century where there are no rules. Space can be twisted, altered, folded and rendered by its own reality. His influences are as diverse as the etchings on a teapot carried from Lithuania to the Winged Victory as it is set in the Louvre.


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